Feeling Totally Overwhelmed By All The Marketing You COULD or SHOULD Be Doing?
Download The Step-By-Step Marketing Plan Template Used On Dozens Of Rapid-Growth Marketing Campaigns

The 90-Minute Marketing Masterplan is a Google Sheets template that you'll receive via email. You'll also get access to a 5-step video course that provides further context, explanation and real examples.

All 100% free and without any catch or obligation!

How does the 90-Minute Marketing Masterplan Work?
Assess your Situation
The plan template will help you recognise your business's marketing strengths and weaknesses
Prioritise Your Activity
The 90MMM plan gives you a prioritisation process to use to ensure that you're spending your time and budget in the highest-impact areas.
Get Clarity
No more feeling frazzled. No more new ideas knocking you off-track. No more 'marketing FOMO'. Just a clear plan to follow to hit your growth goals.
Who Are We?
We're Exposure Ninja, a digital agency that has worked on hundreds of marketing campaigns for clients in every imaginable market. 

This Marketing Plan template is based on the one we use for our clients. We're sharing it with you to help you prioritise and get clarity on your digital marketing priorities.
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